Alvin and the Chipmunks: Live action with chipmunks cgi'd in. God, are these things still around? The main song
sung over and over again by the chipmunks, is "Christmas Don't be Late," which I first heard when I was in high school in the 50's.
Not much of a story here for adults: the chipmunks hook up with a failed songwriter and the rest of the movie is slow paced feel good movie with no surprises, although Alvin and his friends also sing "My Friend the Witch Doctor" a number of times. I had to think if they had actually done that, and came up with the conclusion that they had.
The movie has an everyman message, as I think all such do. I do wonder why in these movies the song-writer type character is an adult boy-scout while the captains of industry, in this case the performing industry, are all rotten SOB's who care only for their own selfish wants and care nothing for their charges. Is this really a message we want ingrained in our kids, even if it's partly true?
If you want to take the kids to mindless holiday frivolity, this will do nicely. Otherwise, I'd clean out the garage.