Also a holiday feel good movie, but of dramatically higher caliber. The strong performances by a strong cast make this very watchable.
The story is possibly suggested by Dickens' "Oliver Twist," with Robin Williams playing Fagin. Oliver is actually an 11
year old orphan named Evan Taylor, who later takes the stage name August Rush. He turns out to be a musical
prodigy(hope I'm not giving too much away) played so masterfully by Freddy Highmore that I wonder if he isn't the real prodigy. Unlike "Oliver Twist," Evan has two real parents that were separated at his conception that are looking for him, played by Johnathan Rhys-Davis and Keri Russell.
Unless you're satisfied only by violent action, I think this movie worth seeing if only for the performances. Warning: without giving much away, be prepared for a lot of improbable coincidences.