Produced and direcd by: Brad Pitt. Starring Brad Pitt(and Casey Afleck, who plays John Ford). Two hours and 40 minutes of close ups of Brad Pitt(and Casey Affleck) looking
intense in period attire and demeanor. Oh yes, there's some shooting(really loud bangs) and sort of a plot, other than the Assinaton, which I really didn't follow, possibly since it wasn't two hours and forty minutes worth, and I found it
difficult to keep from dozing. All I know is that it involved searching for
someone to kill because he had killed someone else. There is some sort of effort to show more than one side of Jesse James, but it is not fully developed.
There's more, but I won't divulge it to allow the viewer to enjoy the
unusual aspects.
A feature that I did enjoy is the depiction of the 1880's West in what
I think of as accurate. Towns and communities very small(even those we would
think of as being substantial). muddy streets everywhere, nothing very well
built or very nice. Perhaps this is because I grew up on th 50's John Wayne(and others) horse operas where the buildings were of substantial wood(that was
acarce, if there at all), tidy, well kept streets, classy saloons, etc.

If you are enamoreed of Brad Pitt, I think you'll like this. Otherwise,
I think you'll find it way too long to make it worth your time.